• Sports Toto's background and how to use it safely!!


    Beginning with Toto, the popularity of sports betting in Europe, Proto (launched in 2016), has been greatly influenced, and the number of Toto retailers has soared in Korea, making it easy to access online and offline. Because I did. There are two ways to enjoy the Sports Toto Site , which we operate legally : visit an offline prototyping store and buy a lottery ticket, and Batman Toto can bet online.

    However, the Toto Site, which is operated by the National Sports Promotion Corporation, is the safest Toto Site, but many users are moving to Private Toto due to the betting limit of up to 100,000 won and the low refund rate and tax. Compared to private totosites, low dividends, shortfall sanctions, and fewer matches will lead to a safer private totosite. However, countless betting sites come up with ads and are not easy to compare and search, so it is not easy for individuals to identify safe Toto sites.

    What is Toto and Sports Toto on TotoSite?


    스포츠토토 is a national public utility, and its history began on October 6, 2001, when soccer Toto was first released. Since then, professional basketball has been in November 2001, professional golf in June 2004, professional baseball in July 2004, Wrestling followed in 2004, September, and professional volleyball in November 2006. Toto is a representative word for the Toto game provided by the private Toto site and the Sports Toto site. Korea's Sports Toto has a very low refund rate compared to overseas private Toto, and is very low at 50% compared to 72% horse racing and 70% horse racing.

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  • Toto and Proto

    Toto and Proto differ in dividends.

    Toto is a way of converting the total purchases of the living people to the winners.
    Proto is an Oz sports expert who analyzes the odds, losses and odds in advance and announces the dividends in advance. Toto's dividend varies according to the total bet, but Proto has a fixed odds.

    However, if we bet, you may feel that there is a dividend difference for each Toto Site.
    The reason for this is that dividends are different depending on the rules that dividend analysis is applied to each sports company.

    Toto's betting is a game that matches the scores of soccer, baseball, and basketball games, and the odds of winning are very low and the protos are determined according to the odds posted. You can bet on wins, draws and losses by looking at the published matches.

    The bet method allows you to pick a team that can win 2-10 games and place it where you want.
    If you bet 2 or 3 matches instead, you are likely to win, but dividends are small. Conversely, multifold bets have larger dividends but the odds of winning are lower.

    Therefore, if you enjoy a small amount of betting fun at Toto Sites can be a healthy hobby.



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