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Dota 2 Basic Tutorial and Mechanics

Dota 2 is a real-time strategy with elements of a role playing game with the main aim of destroying opponents’ Ancient positioned in the center of their stronghold.

The basic concept of the game is pretty simple: kill the enemy’s Ancient before they kill yours. 2 teams of 5 players each have a pool of over 100 unique heroes to choose from when the game begins with 3 different “types”. Agility, Strength and Intelligence, each bringing different elements throughout the course of the entire game. 스포츠토토사이트

The stronghold is protected by three rows of towers down three lanes – top, middle and bottom. In-game roles are distributed mostly depending on the position on a lane that suits a hero. Instead of relying on a massive army, you are controlling a mighty Hero with unique Skills, Stats and set of Items.

Each player picks one hero in the lobby, trying to match their teammates in the way their champion can create synergy.

When you kill creeps or rival heroes, you earn experience, increasing your level and upgrading your abilities. Each hero also has six item slots to stack at one of the shops.

Item functions range from increasing existing stats, to granting new passive abilities (e.g. vampire) to mana and health regeneration. To purchase items, you need to earn a certain amount of gold by either waiting as it is earned passively, killing creeps, heroes or destroying enemy buildings.


Dota 2 Terminology

The Dota 2 world is immense. So, trying to learn whole Dota 2 which includes all the names and terms used without actually playing it will be to no avail. But to play, you have to know at least something, so you won’t ask your teammates a dozen times per a match “What does that mean?”

So to make it easy I compiled some terms to remember

  • Stun:

It means to paralyze the hero. When you stun a hero, it cannot move or cast a spell.

  • Harass:

It means to disturb. Usually, it is when a hero is preventing the enemy hero from getting gold and experience, by using his abilities.

  • Slow:

It means to reduce the movement speed of the enemy. It can be done by items like a Diffusal blade or playing Bristleback.

  • Farm:

Farm Or farmer means the action of gaining gold and experience by killing an enemy or neutral creeps.

  • Deny:

It is done by pressing the default letter “A” and clicking on the unit or tower that is to be denied. The purpose of doing so is to deny the enemy team from getting gold and experience.

  • Last hit:

It is to give the last blow to an enemy unit or structure to obtain extra money.

  • SS:

It means “missing”, which in turn means that the ally who wrote it has lost the vision enemy / s of his line. When you have them back in your field of vision, you usually type ” re “.

  • Gank

Or “Ganker”, means to surprise jump on one or some enemies when they do not expect to be attacked. This is done in order to harass or get a kill.

  • Kill:

eliminate an enemy hero for a few seconds.

  • Courier:

allows us to stay in the lane and receive Dota 2 items from the store at the same time. With it, you can also buy items from the secret shop or sometimes it is called as Dota 2 market. The courier flies after the 3-minute mark of the game so you will get your items fasters.

  • Warding:

Means putting wards in a certain position of the map.

  • Roam:

Means to explore or try to give the vision of a certain point and provide information of enemy team. It is not the same as warding though you can collaborate with your teammate in order to get a kill on the opponent hero.

  • Stack:

It means making “Stacks” or clusters of different things. It is usually done in the jungle by hitting the creeps and making new ones appear. This is done at a particular timing of the game. It can also be done by correctly casting our abilities at the neutral creeps.

  • Rosh:

Roshan’s abbreviation which is hardest neutral creep to kill on the map.

  • Nuke:

It means to destroy or eliminate a hero instantly. This would mean that we will all concentrate our skills on that hero to eliminate it as soon as possible. Generally, the focus always starts with the supports, because once they are dead, they will not be able to do anything to harass us and prevent us from killing their carry.

  • Teamfight or tf:

It means to launch an attack as the whole team together.

  • Roamer:

Very similar to ganking, roaming, is moving between the lanes. In certain team setups, there are heroes who exclusively dedicate themselves to that.

  • CC:

It means ” Crowd Control” So that you understand it, cc to someone is to throw some skill that does not let him use his skills. It can be a silence, a stun, or hex.

Hexit means to transform an enemy into a harmless chicken.

  • DoT:

Means damage over time. These are the skills that leave a harmful debuff that makes it go down life over time like the Venomancer ultimate.

  • Buff and debuff:

Buff means “positive effect” and debuff “negative effect”. Ally Buff is an aura of precision like a HoT (healing over time). While, Debuff is Damage over time, a harmful aura.

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